"BingSearch" (Service Connection)

Connect to the Bing Search API with the Wolfram Language to search the web for sites, images, news, and videos.

Connecting & Authenticating

ServiceConnect["BingSearch"] creates a connection to the Bing Search API. If a previously saved connection can be found, it will be used; otherwise, a new authentication request will be launched.
Use of this connection requires access to the internet and a Bing Search API subscription.


ServiceExecute["BingSearch","request",params] sends a request to the Bing Search API, using parameters params. The following give possible requests.

Web Search


"Search" return results of a Bing search

  • "Query"(required)query string
    "SearchType"Web "Image", "News", "Video"
    "StartIndex"1index of first search result to return
    MaxItems20number of results to return per query (1-20)
    "Country"Nonecountry or region constraints on search results
    "Language"Nonelanguage constraints on search results
    "Site"Nonewebsite constraints on search results
    "Elements"Nonespecific items to return for "Image" queries: "Images", "Thumbnails", "ImageLinks", "ImageThumbnailsLinks"
  • Examples

    Basic Examples  (1)

    Create a new connection:

    Search the web:

    Search images: