is an option that specifies the maximum number of items to be used or shown.


  • When supported, MaxItemsAll specifies that all items in the input should be used or shown.
  • In Dataset, settings for MaxItems can be given as follows:
  • mdisplay m rows
    {m1, m2,,mn}display mi items at dataset level i


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Basic Examples  (4)

Create a word cloud with only 10 items:

Generate data sampled from a mixture of normal distributions:

Estimate the best distribution from this data:

Estimate the best distribution with only two mixtures:

Compare the PDFs for the original and estimated distributions:

Specify the number of files in each directory that will apply FileSize in FileSystemMap:

Limit the number of rows and columns displayed in Dataset:

Scope  (1)

Search for a limited number of resource objects:

Introduced in 2015
Updated in 2020