gives a date object corresponding to the Julian date jd.


gives a date object corresponding to the specified Julian date variant.

Details and Options

  • The Julian date jd is given as a number of days since noon on November 24, 4714 BCE in the GMT time zone.
  • Julian dates are returned by JulianDate.
  • FromJulianDate[date,TimeZone->z] generates a DateObject with TimeZone->z. The default value is $TimeZone.
  • Possible Julian date variants include:
  • "Reduced"relative to noon on November 16, 1858
    "Modified"relative to midnight on November 17, 1858 (MJD)
    "Truncated"relative to midnight on May 24, 1968 (TJD)
    "Dublin"relative to noon on December 31, 1899 (DJD)
    "Full"relative to noon on November 24, 4714 BCE (JD)
  • The default Julian date variant used is "Full". All referenced dates are using the proleptic Gregorian calendar.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Create a DateObject from a Julian date specification:

Julian date variants have different epoch dates:

Options  (1)

TimeZone  (1)

Specify the output TimeZone for the DateObject:

Properties & Relations  (1)

By default, FromJulianDate returns results in your $TimeZone:

For a historical value of a time stamp in a given location at a given time, LocalTime can be used:

Introduced in 2015