is an option for DateObject, DateString, and related functions that specifies the time zone to use for dates and times.


  • TimeZone->z specifies that results should be returned for a time zone in which z hours must be added to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) to obtain local time.
  • TimeZone->"zone" specifies that results should be returned using the appropriate offset for the time zone "zone" on the appropriate date.
  • The typical default setting is TimeZone:>$TimeZone.
  • US Eastern Standard Time (EST) corresponds to time zone -5.
  • For numeric values, daylight saving time corrections must be included in the time zone, so US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) corresponds to time zone -4.
  • Example time zone strings include "America/Chicago", "Europe/London", "Asia/Tokyo", and "Zulu".
  • Settings for TimeZone should be an Integer, Real, or time zone String.
  • A list of available time zone entities can be found using EntityList["TimeZone"].
  • DateObject and TimeObject expressions support TimeZone->None.


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Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2019