is the head used for integers.


  • _Integer can be used to stand for an integer in a pattern. »
  • Integers can be of any length. »
  • You can enter an integer in base b using b^^digits. The base must be less than 36. The letters are used in sequence to stand for digits 10 through 35. »


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Basic Examples  (1)

Enter an integer:

Integer is the Head used for integers:

Scope  (5)

Enter a very large integer:

Enter an integer in base 2:

Enter an integer in hexadecimal:

Format an integer using base 2:

_Integer can be used to stand for an integer in a pattern:

A rule that replaces integers with their reciprocals:

Applications  (2)

Define a function that only works for integers:

Define a function that has a special case for integers:

Make a surface plot of the fractional derivative of at as a function of and order:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Integers are numbers:

Integers are atomic objects with no subexpressions:

Use Integers to represent assumptions and indicate domain conditions:

Introduced in 1988