is an option that determines the calendar system in which all dates are to be interpreted and output.


  • CalendarType is set to "Gregorian" by default.
  • Date calendars can be given as named objects, like "Gregorian" or "Julian", or in the form {"name",<|param1val1,param2value2,|>} for calendars with nondefault parameter values.
  • Calendar parameters include:
  • "YearZero"whether the calendar includes a year zero
    "StartOfDay"beginning instant of the day
    "Location"reference geodetic position for astronomical calendars
  • Default calendar parameters can be obtained using CalendarData["name"].
  • Prominent arithmetic calendars include:
  • "Gregorian"proleptic Gregorian calendar
    "Islamic"tabular Islamic calendar
    "Jewish"arithmetic lunisolar Hebrew calendar
    "Julian"proleptic Julian calendar
  • Additional arithmetic calendars are given by CalendarData["ArithmeticCalendar"]. Astronomical calendars are given by CalendarData["AstronomicalCalendar"].


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Basic Examples  (3)

Get the current date on the Jewish calendar:

Represent a Julian calendar date:

Parameterized calendars can be used to adjust the values for "StartOfDay" or "YearZero" handling:

Compute a date range returning dates in the Islamic calendar:

Scope  (1)

Use CalendarType to specify time stamps in an EventSeries or in a TimeSeries:

The dates in the above event series are now given in the default calendar type:

Create a time series specifying the start date according to the Islamic calendar:

Properties & Relations  (1)

The default calendar type in DateObject is "Gregorian":

Change the output for the same dates to the "Jewish" calendar:

Change the calendar of the input dates as well:

The date range now represents a different period in time:

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