converts the date object date to the specified calendar type calendar.


converts to the default calendar type.


converts date1 through daten to the specified calendar.


  • date specifications should be a DateObject expression.
  • Date calendars can be given as named objects, like "Gregorian" or "Julian", or in the form {"name",<|param1val1,param2value2,|>} for calendars with nondefault parameter values.
  • Calendar parameters include:
  • "YearZero"whether the calendar includes a year zero
    "StartOfDay"beginning instant of the day
    "Location"reference geodetic position for astronomical calendars
  • Prominent arithmetic calendar types are: "Gregorian", "Julian", "Jewish" and "Islamic". Additional calendars are given by CalendarData["DateCalendar"].


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Basic Examples  (1)

Convert from the Gregorian to the Julian calendar:

Convert from the Islamic to the Jewish calendar:

Applications  (2)

William Shakespeare died on April 23, 1616, in the Julian calendar:

In the Gregorian calendar, that corresponds to May 3:

Julian date 0 corresponds to this instant in the proleptic Gregorian calendar:

It is January 1, -4713 noon GMT in the Julian calendar:

Properties & Relations  (2)

DateObject[CalendarType->cal] is equivalent to CalendarConvert[DateObject[],cal]:

Dates between March 1, 200 and February 28, 300 coincide in the Gregorian and Julian calendars:

Possible Issues  (1)

For dates with coarse granularity, such as DateObject[{2022}], different calendars may not align completely:

In such cases, CalendarConvert will use the midpoint of the given date for conversion:

Neat Examples  (1)

Get the current date in all available calendars:

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