represents a stadium of radius r between the points {x1,y1} and {x2,y2}.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (5)

A standard stadium:

Different radius:

Different defining points:

Differently styled stadiums:

Get the Area of a stadium:

The area of a stadium:

Scope  (16)

Graphics  (6)

Specification  (3)

Specify radii:

Specify points:

Short form for the standard stadium at the origin:

Styling  (2)

Color directives specify the face colors of stadiums:

FaceForm and EdgeForm can be used to specify the styles of the interiors and boundaries:

Boundaries of a stadium:

Coordinates  (1)

Points can be Dynamic:

Regions  (10)

Embedding dimension:

Geometric dimension:

Point membership test:

Get conditions for point membership:



Distance from a point:

The distance to the nearest point in the standard stadium:

Signed distance from a point:

Signed distance to the standard stadium:

Nearest point in the region:

Nearest points:

A stadium is bounded:

Get its range:

Integrate over a stadium:

Optimize over a stadium:

Solve equations in a stadium:

Applications  (4)

Plot a function over a stadium:

Create a 3D stadium extrusion with RegionProduct:

Using a series of stadiums (and a disk), create a stick figure:

Use RotationTransform to make the stick figure's limbs pivot:

Make a spring visualization from a collection of stadiums. Make a function that creates a set of stadiums for the front half of the spring and another for the back half, given that each stadium has a horizontal component of :

Set the top layer of the spring to a lighter gray than the back and make it interactively stretchable using Manipulate:

Properties & Relations  (6)

Disk is the limit of StadiumShape as p1 approaches p2:

The 3D version of StadiumShape is CapsuleShape:

A StadiumShape formed from the RegionUnion of disks and a rectangle:

The area is the sum of the disk and quadrilateral areas:

StadiumShape is all points no more than from a Line:

ImplicitRegion can represent any StadiumShape:

A thick, rounded Line looks like a StadiumShape:

Neat Examples  (3)

Random stadium collections:

A family of stadiums:

Digital petals:

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