Open Library

Connect to Open Library using the Wolfram Language to retrieve information about books.

Connecting & Authenticating

ServiceConnect["OpenLibrary"] creates a connection to the Open Library API. If a previously saved connection can be found, it will be used; otherwise, a new authentication request will be launched.


ServiceExecute["OpenLibrary","request",params] sends a request to the Open Library API, using parameters params. The following give possible requests.

Search Books


"BookSearch" search books by title or author

  • "Query"Nonequery string
    "Author"Noneauthor name
    "Title"Nonebook title
    MaxItems100maximum number of items returned
    "StartIndex"0start index
  • Book Information


    "BookSummary" information about a single book edition

    "BookInformation" information about readable versions of a single book edition

  • "BibKeys"(required)key(s) identifying specific book edition(s)
    "ShowThumbnails"Falsewhether to include cover thumbnail in results
  • Request:

    "BookText" full text of a book

  • "BibKeys"(required)
  • key(s) identifying specific book edition(s)
  • Examples

    Basic Examples  (1)

    Create a new connection by launching an authentication dialog:

    Search books by author:

    Search books by author and subject:

    Analyze data from search results:

    Get information on a specific edition of a book:

    Get the full text of a book: