shares the current cloud document with the specified user.


shares the current document with all the users useri.


shares the cloud object obj with the specified users.


  • CloudShare by default sets permissions to Automatic, allowing reading or execution as appropriate.
  • Users can be specified as cloud user IDs or cloud user UUIDs.
  • The form user->per or {user1,}->per sets permissions per for users.
  • In CloudShare[obj,users], obj can be a cloud object that represents a directory. In this case, the directory and any subdirectories of it are all shared.
  • When a cloud object is shared, the users with whom it is shared are added to the setting for the SharingList option for the object.
  • Users can be removed using CloudUnshare.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Evaluating CloudShare within a cloud notebook shares that notebook:

Share a specific cloud object:

Share the cloud object:

Remove users from a cloud object's sharing list:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Use the SharingList option to see the list of users that share the cloud object:

Share the object:

Unshare the object:

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