Text Search

The Wolfram Language provides integrated, highly efficient capabilities for searching large volumes of text. In typical usage, an index is built for a collection of documents, then repeated searches are performed with this index. The index can be incrementally updated whenever needed.

Creating & Maintaining Indices

CreateSearchIndex create a search index from files or directories

AddToSearchIndex  ▪  UpdateSearchIndex  ▪  DeleteSearchIndex

SearchIndexObject symbolic object representing a search index

Setting Up a Text Search Site

CloudDeploy deploy an active text search index or text search page in the cloud

Text Searching

TextSearch search an index or directory, returning a list of documents

TextSearchReport generate a computable search results page

SearchResultObject symbolic representation of the result from a text search

Constructing Search Queries

SearchQueryString search enginestyle query specification

SearchAdjustment give search terms with weightings adjusted

Output Structure

ContentObject symbolic representation of documents etc., backed by a file or URI

Snippet a textual snippet of a document