Automatic Mail Processing

The Wolfram Language lets you set up code that will automatically be called in the cloud when mail is sent to a particular assigned address, allowing highly flexible handling of incoming mail.

Sending Mail

SendMail send email messages, including attachments, etc.

Success, Failure indicate success, failure of email transmission

Processing of Incoming Mail

MailReceiverFunction function to define what to do when mail is received

CloudDeploy deploy a mail receiver function to the cloud, and get back an email address

MailResponseFunction  ▪  ReturnReceiptFunction

Static Mailbox Processing

Import import MBOX data

Export export in MBOX format

Handling Live Mailboxes »

MailServerConnect  ▪  MailFolder  ▪  MailItem  ▪  MailSearch  ▪  MailExecute  ▪  ...