Mail, Messages, Etc.

The Wolfram Language provides built-in access to email and a wide variety of external message systems.

Mail Sending & Receiving »

SendMail send email messages, including attachments etc.

MailReceiverFunction define automatic processing of incoming mail

Mail Importing

Import import data from email archives etc.

"EML"  ▪  "MBOX"  ▪  "VCF"

Manipulating Live Mailboxes »

MailServerConnect  ▪  MailFolder  ▪  MailItem  ▪  MailSearch  ▪  MailExecute  ▪  ...

Messaging & Social Media

SendMessage send messages to external networks

$MobilePhone user's mobile phone number to use for text messaging


ServiceConnect  ▪  ServiceExecute  ▪  ServiceObject

Channel Communication »

CreateChannel  ▪  ChannelListen  ▪  ChannelSend


ExportForm define the format of material to be exported in messages

"HTML"  ▪  "GIF"  ▪  "PNG"  ▪  "XML"  ▪  "JSON"  ▪  ...

Saving to a Blockchain »

BlockchainPut put an expression onto a blockchain