Summary of New Features in 10.1

A list of key new features since 10.0.

Core Language

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Lists »

MinMax min and max values in a list

TakeLargest take numerically largest elements in a list

TakeSmallest  ▪  TakeLargestBy  ▪  TakeSmallestBy

SequencePosition position of a sequence in a list

SequenceCases  ▪  SequenceCount

OrderlessPatternSequence pattern for elements that appear in any order

Arrays & Coordinates »

Subdivide subdivisions of an interval into equal parts

CoordinateBoundsArray  ▪  CoordinateBoundingBoxArray

CoordinateBounds  ▪  CoordinateBoundingBox

Associations »

AssociationQ  ▪  KeyValueMap

Byte-Level Structures »

ByteArray raw array of bytes


Text & Natural Language Processing

NotebookImport import content from a notebook

WikipediaData convenient access to all Wikipedia content

WikipediaSearch structured search for content in Wikipedia

String Manipulation »

StringRiffle create strings from lists

StringExtract extract numbered blocks from strings

StringRepeat  ▪  StringDelete  ▪  StringPadLeft  ▪  StringPadRight

StringContainsQ  ▪  StringStartsQ  ▪  StringEndsQ

StringPartition  ▪  InsertLinebreaks

Text Operations »

Capitalize  ▪  Decapitalize  ▪  RemoveDiacritics

TextWords break into a list of words

TextSentences break into a list of sentences

WordCount  ▪  DeleteStopwords  ▪  WordStem

CharacterCounts  ▪  LetterCounts  ▪  WordCounts

Alphabet alphabets for various languages

LetterNumber  ▪  FromLetterNumber

Programmable Linguistic Interface »

GrammarRules define grammar rules to be deployed

GrammarApply apply grammar rules to input

GrammarToken  ▪  FixedOrder  ▪  AnyOrder  ▪  OptionalElement

CaseSensitive  ▪  IgnoreDiacritics  ▪  AllowLooseGrammar

Interpreter Constructs »

RepeatingElement an element (or form field) that can be repeated

CompoundElement an element formed from a combination of others

AnySubset allow any subset of choices

"Barcode"  ▪  "SemanticReal"  ▪  "ComputedReal"  ▪  "MeasurementDevice"  ▪  ...

Report Generation »

DeliveryFunction how to deliver a report

NotificationFunction how to send notifications about a report

Cryptography »

Encrypt encrypt with symmetric and public-key methods

Decrypt  ▪  EncryptedObject  ▪  SymmetricKey  ▪  PublicKey  ▪  PrivateKey

GenerateSymmetricKey  ▪  GenerateAsymmetricKeyPair

Machine Learning

Computer Vision »

ImageIdentify try to identify what an image is of

ImageInstanceQ test whether an image is of something specified

Dimension Reduction & Fitting

DimensionReduce finds a lower-dimensional approximation to data

DimensionReduction creates a function for dimension reduction

FindDistribution attempts to find a simple distribution that fits data


WordCloud create a word cloud from lists or text

TimelinePlot create timeline plots in many formats

Mathematical Operations

ReIm  ▪  AbsArg

InhomogeneousPoissonProcess additional random processes

Vectors »

AngleVector 2D vector at a given angle

AnglePath "turtle-like" path specified by angles and distances

CirclePoints equally spaced points around a circle

ToPolarCoordinates  ▪  FromPolarCoordinates

ToSphericalCoordinates  ▪  FromSphericalCoordinates

Real-World Data

Geo-Related »

GeoHemisphere  ▪  GeoHemisphereBoundary

GeogravityModelData  ▪  GeomagneticModelData

Scientific & Medical

StoppingPowerData detailed data on stopping power for ionizing radiation

HumanGrowthData  ▪  FetalGrowthData

Units »

QuantityArray array of quantities with the same units

Wolfram Data Drop

Databin databin in the Wolfram Data Drop

CreateDatabin  ▪  DatabinAdd  ▪  DatabinUpload  ▪  CopyDatabin

System Operations

RepeatedTiming estimate timing of an operation by repeating if needed

UnixTime  ▪  FromUnixTime

$FontFamilies available font families

External Connections

EmbeddedService web service embedded in a cloud notebook

"Arduino" analog and digital I/O and autonomous programs on Arduino

"Raw" support for all standard raw image formats