yields the result of attempting to identify what image is a picture of.


restricts the identification of image to objects within the specified category.


gives a list of up to n possible identifications.


gives the specified property for each identification.

Details and Options

  • ImageIdentify[{image1,image2,},] can be used to identify objects in multiple images.
  • In ImageIdentify[image,category], possible forms for category include:
  • "type"entity type, as used in Interpreter
    "concept"named concept, as used in "Concept" entities
    "word"English word, as used in WordData
    wordspecword sense specification, as used in WordData
    Entity[]any appropriate entity
    category1|category2|any of the categoryi
  • By default, ImageIdentify returns objects of the form Entity["Concept",].
  • The property "prop" can be one of the following:
  • "Concept"a concept entity object
    "Entity"when possible, a concrete entity object
    "Probability"an association of concepts and probabilities
    "cprop"a property supported by "Concept" entities
    {prop1,}a list of property specifications
  • The following options can be given:
  • RecognitionThresholdAutomaticwhat level of recognition to consider acceptable
    SpecificityGoalAutomaticwhat specificity of object type to seek
  • Possible settings for SpecificityGoal include:
  • "Low"favor general categories of objects
    "High"favor specific kinds of objects
    sspecificity between 0 (lowest) and 1 (highest)
  • When no identification is found at an acceptable level, as specified by RecognitionThreshold, ImageIdentify returns Missing["Unidentified"].
  • ImageIdentify uses machine learning, and its training set and methods may change in different versions of the Wolfram Language, yielding different results.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Identify the object present in the image:

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Identify what type of dog is present in the image:

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Introduced in 2015