gives a dataset of identified entities in image.


gives a dataset that only contains entities in the specified category.


includes the properties prop for each identified object.

Details and Options

  • ImageContents attempts to identify entities present in an image and returns a Dataset object with various identification properties such as the name, bounding box and probability.
  • Possible forms for category include:
  • "concept"named concept, as used in "Concept" entities
    "word"English word, as used in WordData
    wordspecword sense specification, as used in WordData
    Entity[]any appropriate entity
    category1|category2|any of the categoryi
  • The property prop can be any of the following:
  • "BoundingBox"the bounding box given as a Rectangle
    "Dimensions"width and height of the subimage
    "Image"the identified subimage (default)
    "Position"center of the identified bounding box
    "Probability"probability of the identification
    {prop1,prop2,}a list of properties
  • The following options can be given:
  • AcceptanceThresholdAutomaticidentification acceptance threshold
    MaxFeaturesAutomaticmaximum number of subimages to return
    MaxOverlapFractionAutomaticmaximum bounding box overlap
    TargetDevice"CPU"the target device on which to compute
  • When no content is found at an acceptable threshold, Missing["Unidentified"] is returned.
  • ImageContents uses machine learning, and its training set and methods may change in different versions of the Wolfram Language, yielding different results.
  • ImageContents may download resources that will be stored in your local object store at $LocalBase, and can be listed using LocalObjects[] and removed using ResourceRemove.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Identify contents of an image:

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Get results only in the specified category:

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Options  (4)

Introduced in 2019