Summary of New and Improved Features in 14.0

A list of key new and improved features since 13.3, including features experimental in 14.0.

Core Language

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Comap, ComapApply apply lists of functions to an expression

ArgumentsOptions (updated), CheckArguments (updated) support for operator forms

CountDistinct (updated) now allows a comparison function to be given

TraceOriginal (updated) finer-grained control over evaluation chains to include


DigitSum sum of decimal digits in an integer

RomanNumeral (updated), FromRomanNumeral (updated) faster conversions with Roman numerals

Units & Quantities »

Improved performance of the Wolfram Language quantity framework.

UnitConvert (updated) faster unit conversions

QuantityMagnitude  (updated)   ▪  CurrencyConvert  (updated)   ▪  CommonUnits  (updated) 

Unit Testing

IntermediateTest create intermediate tests inside TestCreate

Mathematical Computation

Vector Calculus

NLineIntegrate numerical vector line integrals

NSurfaceIntegrate numerical vector surface integrals

Complex Analysis

NContourIntegrate numerical complex contour integration

Integral Transforms

UnilateralConvolve unilateral (AKA causal, one-sided) convolution

Difference and Differential Equations

TruncateSum make it easy to work with infinite sum representations produced by DSolve and other functions

Support StateSpaceModel and TransferFunctionModel in place of equations.

DSolveValue  (updated)   ▪  RSolveValue  (updated)   ▪  RecurrenceTable  (updated) 

Special Functions »

BilateralHypergeometricPFQ bilateral, i.e. doubly infinite, hypergeometric function

Equation Solving

NSolve (updated) better support for large-scale equation solving, including a monodromy-based method for polynomial and holomorphic systems of equations

MaxRoots limit the number of roots computed

Finite Fields »

Convenience functions for working with finite fields.

ToFiniteField, FromFiniteField convert expressions to and from finite field versions

FiniteFieldIndex, FromFiniteFieldIndex convert to and from the index representation

Matrix operations for finite field matrices.

Dot  (updated)   ▪  LinearSolve  (updated)   ▪  Inverse  (updated)   ▪  RowReduce  (updated)   ▪  NullSpace  (updated)   ▪  MatrixRank  (updated)   ▪  Det  (updated)   ▪  CharacteristicPolynomial  (updated)   ▪  LUDecomposition  (updated) 

Solving equations over finite fields.

Solve  (updated)   ▪  SolveValues  (updated)   ▪  Reduce  (updated)   ▪  FindInstance  (updated)   ▪  Resolve  (updated) 

Structured Matrices »

New structured matrix types.

SymmetricMatrix  ▪  HermitianMatrix  ▪  OrthogonalMatrix  ▪  UnitaryMatrix

Support for TargetStructure in matrix constructors.

FourierDCTMatrix  (updated)   ▪  FourierDSTMatrix  (updated)   ▪  ReflectionMatrix  (updated)   ▪  RotationMatrix  (updated)   ▪  EulerMatrix  (updated)   ▪  HadamardMatrix  (updated)   ▪  RollPitchYawMatrix  (updated)   ▪  PauliMatrix  (updated) 

Matrix decompositions with TargetStructure support. Matrix decompositions are explicitly made to produce structured matrices such as triangular, orthogonal and diagonal.

QRDecomposition  (updated)   ▪  SingularValueDecomposition  (updated)   ▪  HessenbergDecomposition  (updated)   ▪  SchurDecomposition  (updated) 

Interval Matrices

Matrix functions of interval matrices.

Dot  (updated)   ▪  Inverse  (updated)   ▪  MatrixPower  (updated)   ▪  MatrixExp  (updated) 

Linear equation solving for interval matrices.

LinearSolve  (updated)   ▪  LUDecomposition  (updated)   ▪  CholeskyDecomposition  (updated) 

Eigen problems for interval matrices.

Eigenvalues  (updated)   ▪  Eigenvectors  (updated)   ▪  Eigensystem  (updated)   ▪  Det  (updated)   ▪  CharacteristicPolynomial  (updated) 

Machine Learning & Neural Networks »

Natural Language Processing »

TextSummarize automatically produce different types of summarization

Neural Networks »

NetExternalObject (updated) added CUDA support via TargetDevice option for ONNX

NormalizationLayer (updated) added "GroupNumber" parameter

"ONNX" (updated) improved import code, more models supported, faster import in some cases

Integrated Statistics & Machine Learning

Classify (updated), Predict (updated) documentation update with more examples, notes and illustrations

LinearModelFit (updated), NonlinearModelFit (updated) support for uncertainty in the response data

BayesianMinimization (updated), BayesianMaximization (updated) progress reporting, more efficient continuation when history is provided

Wolfram Neural Net Repository »

New networks for image generation, speech-to-text conversion, object detection, etc.

"Wav2Vec2 Trained on Multiple Datasets"  ▪  "Stable Diffusion V1"  ▪  "X3D Video Action Classification Trained on Kinetics-400 Data"  ▪  "YOLO V8 Classify Trained on ImageNet Competition Data"  ▪  "YOLO V8 Detect Trained on MS-COCO Data"  ▪  "OpenCLIP Multi-domain Feature Extractor Trained on DataComp-1B Data"  ▪  "CoCa Image Captioning Nets Trained on LAION-2B Data"

High-Dimensional Visualization »

Plot all pairwise 2D projections of data.

PairwiseListPlot array of pairwise list plots

PairwiseDensityHistogram array of pairwise density histograms

PairwiseSmoothDensityHistogram array of pairwise smooth density histograms

Compare all 1D projections of data.

PairwiseQuantilePlot array of pairwise Q-Q plots

PairwiseProbabilityPlot array of pairwise P-P plots


SolarEclipse support for more than 70K eclipses and 50 new properties

NewMoon, FullMoon dates of new moon and full moon

MoonPhaseDate date of any phase of the Moon

LunationNumber, FromLunationNumber continuous count of new moons

AstroSubpoint find the location on Earth having a celestial object directly above

Geometry, Graphs & Graphics

Geometry »

High-fidelity geometric regions, compatible with CAD systems.

BezierCurve (updated), BSplineCurve (updated) now geometric regions

BSplineSurface (updated) now geometric regions

"STEP", "IGES" standard industry CAD formats

PolyhedronData (updated) 150+ new polyhedra, classes and properties

Better support of polygons for geometric relations.

RegionEqual (updated) improve equality testing for 2D polygonal regions

RegionDisjoint  (updated)   ▪  RegionWithin  (updated)   ▪  RegionCongruent  (updated)   ▪  RegionSimilar  (updated) 

GeometricSolveValues solve for a geometric quantity


LayeredGraph, LayeredGraph3D create a graph represented as a layered plot

GraphData (updated) 80+ new graphs, classes and properties

Documentation updates with illustrations and more.

AdjacencyList  (updated)   ▪  BreadthFirstScan  (updated)   ▪  ConnectedComponents  (updated)   ▪  ConnectedGraphComponents  (updated)   ▪  EdgeAdd  (updated)   ▪  EdgeConnectivity  (updated)   ▪  EdgeCount  (updated)   ▪  EdgeDelete  (updated)   ▪  EdgeIndex  (updated)   ▪  EdgeList  (updated)   ▪  EmptyGraphQ  (updated)   ▪  FindEdgeIndependentPaths  (updated)   ▪  FindIndependentEdgeSet  (updated)   ▪  FindPath  (updated)   ▪  FindShortestPath  (updated)   ▪  FindVertexIndependentPaths  (updated)   ▪  GraphComplement  (updated)   ▪  GraphDiameter  (updated)   ▪  GraphDifference  (updated)   ▪  GraphIntersection  (updated)   ▪  GraphReciprocity  (updated)   ▪  GraphUnion  (updated)   ▪  IncidenceList  (updated)   ▪  IndependentEdgeSetQ  (updated)   ▪  IndependentVertexSetQ  (updated)   ▪  IndexGraph  (updated)   ▪  KirchhoffGraph  (updated)   ▪  Subgraph  (updated)   ▪  VertexAdd  (updated)   ▪  VertexComponent  (updated)   ▪  VertexConnectivity  (updated)   ▪  VertexContract  (updated)   ▪  VertexCount  (updated)   ▪  VertexDelete  (updated)   ▪  VertexInComponent  (updated)   ▪  VertexInComponentGraph  (updated)   ▪  FindVertexCut  (updated)   ▪  VertexInDegree  (updated)   ▪  VertexIndex  (updated)   ▪  VertexList  (updated)   ▪  VertexOutComponent  (updated)   ▪  VertexOutComponentGraph  (updated)   ▪  VertexReplace  (updated)   ▪  WeaklyConnectedComponents  (updated)   ▪  WeaklyConnectedGraphComponents  (updated)   ▪  WeaklyConnectedGraphQ  (updated) 

Trees »

TreeInsert, TreeDelete, TreeReplacePart, TreeMapAt, TreeMap (updated) now support styling options


Support for standard named texture mappings.

TextureMapping specify named texture mappings

"Box"  ▪  "Cubic"  ▪  "Cylindrical"  ▪  "Front"  ▪  "Planar"  ▪  "Spherical"  ▪  "Stereographic"

Texture (updated) now supports named texture mappings

Annulus  (updated)   ▪  Ball  (updated)   ▪  BSplineSurface  (updated)   ▪  Circle  (updated)   ▪  Circumsphere  (updated)   ▪  Cone  (updated)   ▪  ConicHullRegion  (updated)   ▪  Cuboid  (updated)   ▪  Cylinder  (updated)   ▪  Disk  (updated)   ▪  Ellipsoid  (updated)   ▪  FilledTorus  (updated)   ▪  GraphicsComplex  (updated)   ▪  Hexahedron  (updated)   ▪  Parallelepiped  (updated)   ▪  Parallelogram  (updated)   ▪  Polygon  (updated)   ▪  Polyhedron  (updated)   ▪  Prism  (updated)   ▪  Pyramid  (updated)   ▪  Rectangle  (updated)   ▪  Simplex  (updated)   ▪  Sphere  (updated)   ▪  Tetrahedron  (updated)   ▪  Torus  (updated)   ▪  Triangle  (updated)   ▪  Tube  (updated) 

Video, Image & Audio Computation

Image Processing »

A new generation of neural networks and flexible ways of specifying goals gives substantially more powerful segmentation capabilities used in a variety of functions.

ImageSegmentationComponents segment an image into components

ImageSegmentationFilter filters an image for the foreground components

ImageCases  (updated)   ▪  ImageContents  (updated)   ▪  RemoveBackground  (updated)   ▪  Inpaint  (updated) 

Powering of these functions by neural networks to detect where in an image text occurs and actually recognizing the content now allows for a higher success rate.

TextRecognize  (updated)   ▪  FindImageText  (updated) 

Video Processing »

Tour3DVideo create a tour around 3D graphics

VideoExtractTracks separate all tracks or take out specific video, audio or subtitle tracks

Support for smooth transitions, timed overlays and subtitle addition.

VideoJoin  (updated)   ▪  OverlayVideo  (updated)   ▪  VideoCombine  (updated) 

Audio Processing »

Powered by new and popular external services.

SpeechSynthesize (updated), VoiceStyleData (updated) ElevenLabs speech synthesis

AudioTimeStretch (updated), AudioPitchShift (updated) improved quality and speed

PDE Modeling, Systems Modeling & Control Systems

PDE Modeling »

SchrodingerPDEComponent model with the Schrödinger equation

Quantum Ring (updated) influence of magnetic fields to material properties

FluidFlowPDEComponent model fluid flow, including non-Newtonian fluids

Laminar Flow monograph about modeling laminar flow

HeatTransferPDEComponent (updated) now supports thickness and cross-sectional areas

HeatTransfer (updated) new monograph sections on temperature-dependent heat capacity, heat transfer in multi-material media and phase change

Electromagnetics »

ElectrostaticPDEComponent model electrostatic systems

ElectricPotentialCondition  ▪  ElectricFluxDensityValue  ▪  ElectricSymmetryValue

Electrostatics monograph about modeling electrostatics

Solid Mechanics »

SolidMechanicsPDEComponent (updated) now supports new hyperelastic material models

Solid Mechanics (updated) new monograph section on transversely isotropic linear elastic materials and non-orthogonal material orientation

Hyperelasticity (updated) new monograph sections explaining MooneyRivlin, neo-Hookean, ArrudaBoyce and Gent hyperelastic material models; plane strain and stress variants; hyperelastic model calibration; multiplicative decomposition; multiple material models; transversely isotropic materials; and the standard reinforcing material model

New application models:

"Hyperelastic Model Comparison"

"Hygroscopic Swelling"

System Modeling »

SystemModelUncertaintyPlot plot outcome uncertainties from uncertain parameters, initial values and inputs

New free modeling libraries that can be directly used in SystemModel etc.:

Aircraft model aircraft such passenger jets, electrical aircraft, etc.

Hydraulic model hydraulic systems such as cylinders, pumps and accumulators

New free virtual labs that can be directly used in SystemModel etc.:

College Mechanical Engineering lab models for mechanical engineering dynamics course

Control Systems »

Provide ways to model and simulate mixed digital (i.e. discrete time, such as computers) and analog (i.e. continuous time, such as physical) systems.

InputOutputResponse detailed simulation results for possibly mixed systems

InputOutputResponseData detailed response data object to be queried

Bridge elements between continuous-time (differential equations) and discrete-time (difference equations) systems.

HolderModel convert from discrete time to continuous time (zero-order hold etc.)

SamplerModel convert from continuous time to discrete time

Importing & Exporting »

Document Formats »

"DOCX" Microsoft Word format import

"MOBI" Mobipocket ebook format import

Numerical Data Formats »

"RData", "RDS" R data format family import

Video Formats »

Support for subtitle import and export.

"MP4"  ▪  "QuickTime"  ▪  "Matroska"

External Services & Operations

ExternalEvaluate (updated) create and manage virtual environments for Python

Resource System

ResourceObject (updated) additional resource object types

"Example", "Prompt" new resource object types

Code Compilation & Data Structures

Data Structures

"RedBlackTree" balanced binary search tree for fast storage and retrieval

"StringVector" highly optimized store for a vector of strings

Enhancements in Compiler Operations

Enhanced compilation of DownValues that avoids compiling values that do not match a type.

Functions Enhanced in Compiled Code

MapThread  ▪  StringTake  ▪  DownValuesFunction