synthesizes the contents of expr as an Audio object.


uses the specified voice to synthesize the speech signal.

Details and Options

  • Speech synthesis is also known as text to speech and attempts to produce naturally worded speech rather than literal representations of expression structure.
  • SpeechSynthesize["string"] synthesizes the text in "string".
  • SpeechSynthesize[expr] works with mathematical expressions, graphics and other constructs.
  • SpokenString[expr] gives the text of the speech generated by SpeechSynthesize[expr].
  • SpeechSynthesize[expr] synthesizes the expression using a default voice. $VoiceStyles lists all available voices.
  • SpeechSynthesize accepts all Speak options with the following additions:
  • Language"English"the language to use for synthesis
    MethodAutomaticmethod settings to use
    OverwriteTargetFalsewhether to overwrite an existing file
  • Use Method->{"StorageLocation"->loc} to specify the location of the generated signal. Possible settings for loc include:
  • Automatican audio object linking to a file with automatically generated name
    filean audio object linking to file
    "Memory"an in-memory audio object
  • Using Language->Automatic, the language of "string" is identified using LanguageIdentify.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Speech synthesis of a piece of text:

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Speech-synthesized spoken form of an expression:

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Introduced in 2017
Updated in 2019