recognizes speech in audio and returns it as a string.

Details and Options

  • Speech recognition aims to convert a spoken audio signal to text. It is also known as speech-to-text and is typically used in voice-enabled human-machine interactions and digital personal assistants.
  • SpeechRecognize[audio] returns all recognized speech in audio as a single string.
  • The following options can be given:
  • Masking Allinterval of interest
    Method Automaticthe method to use
    TargetDevice"CPU"the device on which to perform recognition
  • By default, speech in the whole signal is recognized. Use Masking->{int1,int2,} to limit the recognition to intervals inti.
  • Possible settings for Method are:
  • "GoogleSpeech"uses Google speech-to-text
    "NeuralNetwork"uses built-in neural networks
    "OpenAI"uses the OpenAI speech-to-text
  • SpeechRecognize only works for English speech.
  • SpeechRecognize uses machine learning. Its methods, training sets and biases included therein may change and yield varied results in different versions of the Wolfram Language.
  • SpeechRecognize may download resources that will be stored in your local object store at $LocalBase, and can be listed using LocalObjects[] and removed using ResourceRemove.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Recognize speech in an audio signal:

Recognize speech from a recording:

Options  (2)

Masking  (1)

Use the Masking option to recognize parts of a signal:

Method  (1)

By default, a local model is used for speech recognition:

Use OpenAI speech recognition:

Use GoogleSpeech speech recognition:

Applications  (4)

Use AudioIntervals to select which parts of the signal to recognize:

Interpret a spoken city:

Show the recognized city on the map:

Find the answer from a spoken question in a text:

Build an automatic assistant based on Wolfram|Alpha:

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