gives the list of available voices for speech synthesis.


returns all properties for the specified voice.


returns the specified property prop for voice.


  • VoiceStyleData lists all available voices for speech synthesis and their corresponding properties, such as gender and language.
  • Possible settings for voice include:
  • "name"an explicit voice name
    {"name1","name2",}an explicit list of voice names
    Allall available voices
    fvoices that satisfy f
  • When a pure function f is used, voice properties can be accessed using #prop1, #prop2, . A voice is returned if f returns True.
  • Possible settings for prop include:
  • "Gender"gender of the speaker
    "Language"language of the speaker
    "Name"name of the voice


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Basic Examples  (2)

List of available voices:

Properties of a given voice:

Scope  (2)

Properties of multiple voices:

Show the result as a Dataset:

Use a criterion to filter voices. Here is a list of available male voices:

List of English male voices:

Applications  (2)

Synthesize speech using a random voice:

Synthesize speech using an English voice:

Introduced in 2019