returns a new AudioStream object from audio and starts the playback.


starts playing an AudioStream object astream.

Details and Options

  • AudioPlay can be used to perform programmatic audio playback.
  • In AudioPlay[audio], AudioOutputDevice and SoundVolume are inherited from audio.
  • AudioPlay will continually change the "Position" property of astream starting from the current position.
  • If astream is connected to an input device, AudioPlay plays the current signal being captured.
  • AudioPlay by default plays the entire stream until paused, stopped or finished.
  • The following options can be specified:
  • LoopingAutomaticwhether to loop the playback
    MaxDurationInfinitymaximum playback duration
  • AudioPlay continues to play until either MaxDuration is reached or the maximum number of loops is played.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create an AudioStream object and start the playback:

Scope  (4)

Play an existing AudioStream object:

Play the stream:

Create two separate streams from an audio object:

The two streams are independent. Play one after 0.5 seconds from the beginning of the other one:

Create a stream from a list of audio objects:

Play the whole stream:

Generate an infinite audio stream from a function:

Generate and play the stream:

Stop the stream:

Options  (2)

Looping  (1)

By default, Looping is 1:

Play the stream twice:

The value of the Looping option does not need to be an integer:

MaxDuration  (1)

By default, MaxDuration is :

Play only the first two seconds:

Applications  (1)

Build a basic GUI:

Introduced in 2017
Updated in 2018