is an option for Audio and related functions that specifies a mapping from audio channels to available speakers of the output audio device.


  • Channel assignments can be specified when constructing an Audio or AudioStream object.
  • Channel assignment specifies a mapping from audio channels to available speakers.
  • Typical settings include:
  • Automaticautomatic channel assignment
    {out1,out2,}play input channel i on output outi
    "Mean"mean of all input channels on all outputs
    "Partition"partition the input channels on outputs
    "Periodic"periodic assignment of input channels to outputs
    "Take"playing audio channel i on the i^(th) output
  • Explicit channels outi can be any of the following:
  • Nonenot played on any output
    nplay on the n^(th) output
    {n1,n2,}play on several outputs n1, n2,
  • For a 5-channel input and 2 outputs, the channel assignments are equivalent to:
  • "Mean"{{1,2},{1,2},{1,2},{1,2},{1,2}}


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Basic Examples  (2)

By default, a mono signal is played on both output channels:

Play it only on the right channel:

Invert the channels of a stereo recording:

Scope  (1)

In a multichannel recording, the channels are automatically assigned:

For a four-channel audio sample, default assignment is {1,2,1,2}. Switch the left and right channels:

Only play the left channels:

Introduced in 2017
Updated in 2018