is an option to Sound and SoundNote and related functions that specifies the relative volume of the sound produced.


  • SoundVolume->v specifies that a sound should be rendered at a fraction v of its default volume.
  • SoundVolume specifications in nested Sound objects are multiplied.
  • SoundVolume in the outermost sound construct refers to sound volume relative to the default volume level on your computer system.
  • Effective SoundVolume values larger than 1 may lead to distorted sounds.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Play two notes, at 1/4 volume and full volume:

Scope  (3)

SoundVolume works with any instrument:

SoundVolume works with percussion:

Nested uses of SoundVolume are multiplied:

Applications  (1)

Play a sequence of progressively louder notes:

Introduced in 2007