LLM-Related Functionality

The Wolfram Language includes a variety of capabilities for making use of large-language models (LLMs). Chat Notebooks provide interactive chat-based access, including the ability to offer natural-language-based assistance in using the Wolfram Language. The Wolfram Language also includes powerful functions for calling LLM functionality programmatically and for allowing LLMs to access Wolfram Language tools. The Wolfram Prompt Repository provides a curated collection of prompts for delivering a range of LLM-based capabilities.

Chat Notebooks

File New ChatEnabled Notebook  ▪  File New ChatDriven Notebook

insert a new chat input cell

start a new chatblock

Chat Notebook Shortcuts

@name represent a persona prompt in a chat

!fun represent a function prompt in a chat

#name represent a prompt modifier in a chat

| separate prompt arguments in a chat input

> use the remaining chat input content as an argument

^ use the preceding cell in a chat notebook as an argument

^^ use all preceding content in a chat block as an argument

Symbolic Chat

ChatObject create and represent an ongoing chat conversation

ChatEvaluate add chat interactions and continue a conversation

Programmatic Access to LLM Functionality

LLMFunction a templated function to be evaluated by an LLM

LLMResourceFunction use a prewritten template (from Prompt Repository, URL, etc.)

LLMExampleFunction construct a template from examples

Prompt Construction

LLMPrompt retrieve a prewritten prompt

Raw Content Generation

LLMSynthesize synthesize text from a prompt using an LLM

Calling the Wolfram Language from Within LLMs

LLMTool symbolic representation of a tool for use by an LLM

LLMToolRequest  ▪  LLMToolResponse  ▪  GenerateLLMToolResponse

LLM Specification

$LLMEvaluator default LLM configuration to be used

LLMEvaluator option to specify LLM configuration to use

LLMConfiguration symbolic representation of an LLM configuration

Low-Level Infrastructure

ServiceConnect  ▪  ServiceExecute  ▪  StringTemplate  ▪  TemplateObject  ▪  ResourceObject  ▪  Authentication  ▪  SystemCredential  ▪  Environment

Chat & Generative Model Services

"OpenAI" speech, image, text computation with OpenAI

"Anthropic" chat and other text computation with Anthropic

"PaLM" chat and other text computation with PaLM

"GoogleSpeech" speech synthesis and recognition using GoogleSpeech

"ElevenLabs" speech synthesis and recognition using ElevenLabs

Related Functionality

TextSummarize automatically produce different types of summarization

ImageSynthesize generate an image from a textual prompt

SpeechSynthesize synthesize a speech signal from text