is an option for cloud, web and SSH access functions that allows authentication parameters to be given.


  • Possible settings for Authentication include:
  • Automaticbase authentication on CloudConnect credentials
    <|"Username",|>give explict username, etc. for authentication
    PermissionsKey["key"]give a permissions key for authentication
    SecuredAuthenticationKey[assoc]give an OAuth-secured authentication key
    associnsert specified explicit elements in the HTTP request
  • In the form Authenticationassoc, the association assoc can contain the following elements:
  • "Username"username to use for authentication
    "Password"password to use for authentication
    "Headers"list of headers to be sent to the server
    "Query"HTTP query string or list of parameter-value pairs
    "SSHKey"SSH identity
    "SSHKeyPassword"passphrase string to use to decrypt SSHKey
  • An SSH identity can be given in the form "SSHKey" File[ident], where ident is a file containing an SSH private key. It can also be given as "SSHKey" "string", where "string" is an SSH private key.


Basic Examples  (6)

Deploy a cloud object with permissions granted to a PermissionsKey:

Read the cloud object contents using a PermissionsKey for Authentication:

Copy a file from a remote machine using an identity file:

Connect to the Google Translate API, authenticating with an API key:

Connect to the Pushbullet API, authenticating with the user's access token sent in the request's header:

Connect to the Reddit API, authenticating using an OAuth 2.0 SecuredAuthenticationKey:

Connect to Twitter using ServiceConnect by providing a set of custom Twitter app credentials:

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