represents a secured authentication key with credentials and details specified by the association assoc.


  • SecuredAuthenticationKey is a symbolic representation of OAuth credentials used in an authentication process; it does not itself perform authentication.
  • In SecuredAuthenticationKey[assoc], assoc should have the following components:
  • "ConsumerKey"application client ID
    "ConsumerSecret"application client secret
    "OAuthVersion"OAuth version ("1.0a", "2.0")
    "OAuthType"OAuth workflow type ("OneLegged", "TwoLegged", ...)
  • The following additional entries can also be given in the association:
  • "SignatureMethod"{"HMAC","SHA1"}algorithm used in signature creation in OAuth 1.0a
    "TransmissionMethod""Headers"location of OAuth signature in requests
    "OAuthToken"Nonetoken for one-legged OAuth 1.0a
    "OAuthTokenSecret"Nonetoken secret for one-legged OAuth 1.0a
    "RequestTokenURL"Noneendpoint for temporary request tokens
    "AccessTokenURL"Noneendpoint for access grant tokens
    "Name"Nonename for the SecuredAuthenticationKey
  • "SignatureMethod" supports the following key-generation, hash-algorithm pairs:
  • {"HMAC","MD2"}128-bit HMAC-MD2 signature
    {"HMAC","MD5"}128-bit HMAC-MD5 signature
    {"HMAC","SHA1"}160-bit HMAC-SHA1 signature
    {"HMAC","SHA256"}256-bit HMAC-SHA256 signature
    {"HMAC","SHA384"}384-bit HMAC-SHA384 signature
    {"HMAC","SHA512"}512-bit HMAC-SHA512 signature
  • Possible settings for "TransmissionMethod" include "Headers" and "Query".


Basic Examples  (1)

Create a SecuredAuthenticationKey with credentials from an external service:

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Use the key to send signed requests to a service:

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Introduced in 2017