represents an option value to be inherited from an enclosing style, cell, or notebook.


  • opt->Inherited is equivalent to giving no setting for opt at a particular level.
  • If no explicit setting is given at any level, then a builtin default value is used.
  • Inherited is always effectively replaced by an explicit value before the option setting is used.
  • If the nearest enclosing option setting is of the form opt->{a1,b1,}, then an option setting in opt->{Inherited,b2,} is taken to be equivalent to opt->{a1,b2,}.


Basic Examples  (2)

Create a cell with a font-size setting overriding the notebook-level setting:

Select the cell:

Cancel the cell-level setting for FontSize, letting the higher-level setting take effect:

Now the cell itself has no option settings:

This makes a cell in "Text" style:

This is the CellMargins setting inherited from "Text" style:

This cell uses its own setting for the right margin and inherits the other margins:

In this case, the Inherited symbol appears in the cell's CellMargins setting:

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