Numerical Data Formats

The Wolfram Language can efficiently exchange data in all standard numerical formatsallowing convenient symbolic specification of data subsets and data elements.

"CSV" comma-separated values

"TSV" tab-separated values

"HDF", "HDF5" NCSA hierarchical data format (.hdf, .h5)

"NASACDF" NASA common data format (.cdf)

"NetCDF" Unidata scientific data format

"DTA" Stata database transport format (.dta)

"SAS7BDAT" SAS database transport format (.sas7bdat)

"XPORT" SAS interchange format

"SAV" SPSS database transport format (.sav, .zsav)

"POR" SPSS database transport format (.por)

"MTP" Minitab portable format (.mtp)

"MAT" Matlab/Octave data format (.mat)

"MTX" MatrixMarket sparse matrix format (.mtx)

"HarwellBoeing" HarwellBoeing sparse matrix formats

"MPS" MPS linear programming system format (.mps)