Multimedia Formats

The Wolfram Language can export dynamic visualizations to common multimedia formats, as well as being able to import animated graphics and other data.

Import import a video file as well as metadata

Export export video and audio data to video files

"MP4" MPEG-4 Part 14 video format (.mp4)

"AVI" Microsoft AVI format (.avi)

"FLV" Adobe Flash video files (.flv)

"QuickTime" Apple QuickTime multimedia container (.mov)

"Matroska" Matroska multimedia container format (.mkv)

"Ogg" Ogg multimedia container format (.ogg)

"GIF" GIF and animated GIF (.gif)

"VideoFrames" sequence of raster images

"VideoFormat" a generic registered format to cover all other video containers

"OpenEXR" theatrical film raster image format (.exr)

Common Elements

"Video" video content as a video object

"Audio" audio content as an audio object

"Duration" duration of the whole file

"ImageList" list of frames as images

"Rules" rules for all elements

"Elements" all available elements


ImageSize  ▪  ImageResolution