detects text in image and returns a single bounding box.


returns a list of bounding boxes at the specified structural level.


returns prop for text at the given level.

Details and Options

  • FindImageText is used to detect the region of an image containing text. When asking for a specific structural level, it returns a list of bounding boxes, each given as a Parallelogram.
  • Coordinates {x,y} are assumed to be in the standard image coordinate system.
  • Use TextRecognize to recognize the content of the detected text.
  • Possible settings for level include:
  • Automatic text found in the whole image as a single result (default)
    "Block"a list of results for each block of text
    "Line"a list of results for each line
    "Word"a list of results for each word
    "Character"a list of results for each character
  • Possible settings for prop include:
  • "AlignedImage"cropped aligned image containing each detected text
    "BoundingBox"bounding box around each detected text as a Rectangle
    "BoundingBoxArea"area of the bounding box around each text
    "DeskewAngle"deskew angle of the detected text
    "Image"cropped image containing the detected text
    "OrientedBoundingBox"parallelogram around each detected text (default)
    "RegionCentroid"centroid of bounding box around the text
    "Strength"strength of the recognized text
    {prop1,prop2,}a list of properties
  • The following options can be specified:
  • AcceptanceThreshold Automaticdetection acceptance threshold
    MaxFeatures Allnumber of text boxes to return
    MaxOverlapFraction Automaticmaximum allowed overlap fraction
    Method Automaticmethod to use
    PaddingSize 0amount of padding around each detection
  • Possible settings for Method include:
  • Automaticautomatic choice of the method
    "Document"optimized for detection in scanned documents
    "NaturalScene"optimized for detection in natural scene images
    detectorthe text detection method to use
  • Possible setting for detector are:
  • "DBNet"differentiable binarization net
    "Tesseract"Tesseract engine
  • FindImageText uses machine learning. Its methods, training sets and biases included therein may change and yield varied results in different versions of the Wolfram Language.
  • FindImageText may download resources that will be stored in your local object store at $LocalBase, and that can be listed using LocalObjects[] and removed using ResourceRemove.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Detect text in an image:

Extract cropped images containing the detected words:

Scope  (8)

Basic Uses  (2)

Find text in an image:

Highlight the detected text in an image:

Level  (1)

Detect the text content of an image:

Detect blocks of text:

Detect lines of text:

Detect single words:

Detect single characters:

Properties  (5)

By default, an oriented bounding box is returned for every detection:

Return the standard axis-aligned bounding box:

Extract the portion of the image containing each detected word:

Align the crops to the image frame:

Extract the bounding box area of each detected word:

Region centroid of every word:

Compute and return multiple properties at once:

Options  (7)

AcceptanceThreshold  (1)

By default, an acceptance threshold of 0.5 is used:

Decreasing the acceptance threshold may help detect more text:

MaxFeatures  (1)

By default, all detected text is returned:

Use MaxFeatures30 to return only the 30 strongest detections:

MaxOverlapFraction  (1)

By default, boxes that are slightly overlapping are returned:

Specify a custom maximum overlap:

Return only non-overlapping boxes:

Method  (3)

By default, FindImageText tries to pick the detection method more suitable to the image:

Specify a custom method:

Using an unsuitable method might not give a good result:

Use Method"NaturalScene" to detect text present in natural scenes:

Use Method"Document" for scanned documents:

PaddingSize  (1)

Use PaddingSizes to specify a padding for the detected word bounding boxes:

Use different padding sizes along the two bounding box axes:

Use a relative padding size:

Use a negative padding to return tighter bounding boxes:

Applications  (1)

It might be difficult to perform OCR on an image with a lot of non-textual content:

Use FindImageText first to preprocess the image:

Performing OCR on the crops yields better results:

Properties & Relations  (3)

FindImageText can detect text regardless of the orientation:

FindImageText is used to detect text content within an image:

Use TextRecognize to perform OCR on the image content:

Use FindImageText to detect the license plate in the image:

Use TextRecognize to recognize the license plate and highlight it in the original image:

Possible Issues  (4)

The detection is not optimized for handwritten text:

Depending on the text orientation, the detected bounding boxes may extend beyond the image borders:

The detection might fail for images with multiple text orientations:

Text in certain orientations might not be detected:

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