converts quantity1 through quantityn to common units across compatible dimensions.


  • CommonUnits will convert the input list's units to a common unit for each subset of input units with common dimensions.
  • CommonUnits uses heuristic methods to determine a unit that best fits the input data.
  • Operations involving currency units require internet connectivity.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Convert a list of lengths to a common unit:

Convert all units of length and mass to a common unit:

Scope  (4)

Use CommonUnits with a list of Quantity objects:

Use CommonUnits with a QuantityArray object:

CommonUnits can convert quantities with IndependentUnit specifications:

CommonUnits can convert mixed quantities:

Properties & Relations  (3)

CommonUnits converts quantities sharing the same UnitDimensions:

CommonUnits acts on subsets of quantities sharing the same UnitDimensions:

CommonUnits converts quantities with dimensionless units to pure numbers:

Introduced in 2012