attempts to simplify the units of the specified quantity.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (2)

Convert a Quantity of compound units to an equivalent Quantity with simpler units:

UnitSimplify will also return compound units when a single component unit is not found:

Scope  (5)

Some calculations may not automatically simplify to the unit you are expecting:

In such cases, UnitSimplify can usually be used to obtain the desired results:

Get the values from Quantity expressions in a time series:

Use UnitSimplify with QuantityDistribution specifications:

Use UnitSimplify with SparseArray specifications:

Use UnitSimplify with Association specifications:

Options  (3)

UnityDimensions  (3)

UnitSimplify will not automatically cancel out angle units like "AngularDegrees":

UnityDimensions can be used to factor out angular units:

Use UnityDimensionsAutomatic to remove both "AngleUnit" and "SolidAngleUnit" dimensions:

UnityDimensions can include any number of dimensions to factor out:

Properties & Relations  (1)

UnitSimplify threads over lists:

Introduced in 2012