Physics & Chemistry: Data and Computation

The Wolfram Language provides seamless access to the curated and continuously updated Wolfram Knowledgebasewhich includes a wide range of types of data for physics and chemistry. Free-form linguistics provide a convenient mechanism for accessing entities and data. The Wolfram Language also has built-in support for many common types of computations in physics and chemistry.

() request data using free-form linguistics

Entity Operations »

EntityValue general access to values of properties for all types of entities

Entity  ▪  EntityClass  ▪  EntityList  ▪  RandomEntity  ▪  EntityFunction  ▪  ...

Quantities & Units »

Quantity symbolic representation of a quantity with units

Around number or quantity with uncertainty

UnitConvert  ▪  UnitSimplify  ▪  UnitDimensions  ▪  ...

Physical Constants

PhysicalConstant physical constants with their values, uncertainties, etc.

Properties of Matter

Element chemical elements with atomic, chemical, bulk, etc. properties

Chemical chemical compounds with structural, physical and other properties

Mineral standard named minerals with properties

Food foods and their chemical composition

EntityInstance specify an amount of a substance, etc.

ThermodynamicData detailed thermodynamic properties of common fluids

Molecular Structure »

Molecule symbolic representation of molecules and their structure

Atom  ▪  Bond  ▪  StereochemistryElements  ▪  IncludeHydrogens  ▪  ...

MoleculePlot, MoleculePlot3D render molecules with automatically computed structures

MoleculeValue values of many computed properties of molecules

FindMoleculeSubstructure  ▪  MoleculePattern  ▪  MoleculeModify  ▪  ...


CrystalSystem CrystalFamily CrystallographicSpaceGroup  ▪  LatticeData

Atomic & Optical Physics

SpectralLineData properties of atomic levels and transitions

PlanckRadiationLaw properties of blackbody radiation

Laser laser types

Nuclear & Particle Physics

Isotope all known isotopes, with static and decay properties

Particle known stable, unstable and resonance particles

ParticleAccelerator major particle accelerators

StoppingPowerData stopping power computation for ionizing radiation

Formulas & Models »

FormulaData common formulas and equations used in physics and chemistry

PhysicalSystem common physical systems, with equations and other properties


NDSolve  ▪  NBodySimulation  ▪  CellularAutomaton

Experiments & Problems

MeasurementDevice FamousPhysicsProblem FamousChemistryProblem