Physics & Chemistry: Data and Computation

The Wolfram Language provides seamless access to the curated and continuously updated Wolfram Knowledgebase used in Wolfram|Alphawhich includes a wide range of types of data for physics and chemistry. Free-form linguistics provides a convenient mechanism for accessing all available data; more common categories also have specific associated Wolfram Language functions.

() request data using free-form linguistics

EntityValue general access to values of properties for all types of entities

Properties of Matter

ElementData bulk, atomic, chemical, etc. properties of all chemical elements

ChemicalData structural, physical, and other properties of chemical compounds

MineralData properties of all standard named minerals

ThermodynamicData detailed thermodynamic properties of common fluids

Accessible via free-form linguistics and EntityValue:

"ChemicalReaction"  ▪  "ChemicalBond"  ▪  ...

IsotopeData static and decay properties of all nuclear isotopes

ParticleData properties of stable, unstable, and resonance particles

StoppingPowerData stopping power computation for ionizing radiation

SpectralLineData properties of atomic levels and transitions

PlanckRadiationLaw properties of blackbody radiation

Accessible via free-form linguistics and EntityValue:

"Laser"  ▪  "Light"  ▪  "ParticleAccelerator"  ▪  ...

Formulas & Models

FormulaData common formulas and equations used in physics and chemistry

PhysicalSystemData equations and other properties for common physical systems