Life Sciences & Medicine: Data & Computation

The Wolfram Language provides immediate access to extensive life science data, as well as providing powerful tools for bioinformatics and biostatistics.

() request data using free-form linguistics

EntityValue general access to values of properties for all types of entities

Entity  ▪  EntityClass  ▪  EntityList  ▪  RandomEntity  ▪  EntityFunction  ▪  ...

Genomic Data

GenomeLookup fast lookup of human and other genome sequences

Gene human and other genes

SNP known SNPs

Sequence Analysis »

SequenceAlignment  ▪  SmithWatermanSimilarity  ▪  ...

Molecular Biology

BioSequence a string-based representation for DNA, RNA and proteins

Protein proteins and their structural and functional properties

Biological Data Analysis

Dendrogram  ▪  ClusterClassify  ▪  TreePlot

Systems Biology »

Graph  ▪  NDSolve

SystemModel full systems models and components

SystemModelSimulate  ▪  SystemModelPlot

Biostatistics »

LinearModelFit  ▪  DistributionFitTest  ▪  LogitModelFit  ▪  ...

Survival Analysis »

EventData  ▪  SurvivalModelFit  ▪  CoxModelFit  ▪  ...

Machine Learning »

Classify  ▪  Predict  ▪  AnomalyDetection  ▪  ...

Biological Organisms

Species over one million species, with taxonomic and other data

CatBreed DogBreed Dinosaur

Plant 175000+ plant species with seed, growth and other data

Anatomical Data

AnatomicalStructure nearly 100,000 human anatomical structures

AnatomicalFunctionalConcept AnatomicalTemporalConcept

Anatomical Visualization

AnatomyPlot3D visualization of anatomical structures

AnatomyStyling  ▪  AnatomySkinStyle  ▪  ClipPlanes

Medical Computation

HumanGrowthData human growth curves and related data

FetalGrowthData properties of fetal growth

MortalityData detailed mortality data for many countries

FormulaData computations with standard medical formulas


Neuron 300+ types of neurons, with detailed properties

CognitiveTask 400+ types of cognitive tasks

NetModel artificial neural net models

Diseases & Medical Tests

Disease human diseases

ICDNine, ICDTen medical diagnosis codes

MedicalTest blood and other tests, with range and distribution data

Drug & Chemical Data

Chemical drugs and other chemicals

Molecule symbolic representation of molecular structure

Food & Nutrition

Food 150,000 specific types of foods, with detailed nutritional information

FoodType 1800+ general food types

Veterinary Data

AnimalAnatomicalStructure anatomical structures of dogs, horses, etc.