Life Sciences & Medicine: Data & Computation

The Wolfram Language provides immediate access to extensive life science data, as well as providing powerful tools for bioinformatics and biostatistics.

() request data using free-form linguistics

EntityValue general access to values of properties for all types of entities

Genomic Data

GenomeData properties of human and other genes

GenomeLookup fast lookup of human and other genome sequences

Sequence Analysis

SequenceAlignment  ▪  SmithWatermanSimilarity  ▪  ...

Molecular Biology

ProteinData protein structure and function

Accessible via free-form linguistics and EntityValue:

"Biomolecule"  ▪  "MetabolicPathway"

Biological Data Analysis

FindClusters  ▪  TreePlot

Systems Biology

Graph  ▪  NDSolve

Biological Organisms

SpeciesData taxonomic and other data on over a million species

PlantData properties of many types of plants

Medical Data

AnatomyData properties, geometries, and graphics of anatomical structures

Medical Computation

HumanGrowthData human growth curves and related data

FetalGrowthData properties of fetal growth

MortalityData detailed mortality data for many countries

FormulaData computations with standard medical formulas

Medical Visualization

AnatomyPlot3D visualization of anatomical structures

AnatomyForm  ▪  SkinStyle  ▪  ClipPlanes

LinearModelFit  ▪  DistributionFitTest  ▪  ...

Survival Analysis »

EventData  ▪  SurvivalModelFit  ▪  CoxModelFit  ▪  ...