represents a three-dimensional graphical image that works with anatomical entities as well as standard 3D graphics primitives and directives.

Details and Options

  • Using AnatomyPlot3D requires internet connectivity.
  • AnatomyPlot3D allows standalone anatomical entities to represent annotated 3D primitives, substituting the "Graphics3D" property of the entity.
  • Entities that appear inside of primitives act as coordinate specifiers, substituting the "RegionCentroid" of the entity.
  • AnatomyPlot3D is displayed in StandardForm as a graphical image.
  • PlotRange can be specified using anatomical entities, substituting the "RegionBounds" of the entity.
  • Coordinate values of the anatomical entities correspond to an average adult human male measured in millimeters.
  • AnatomyPlot3D uses the same directives as Graphics3D, with the following addition:
  • AnatomyForm[directives]anatomical entities are to be drawn using the specified graphics directives
  • AnatomyPlot3D has the same options as Graphics3D, with the following additions and changes:
  • BoxedFalsewhether to draw the bounding box
    Lighting"Neutral"simulated light sources to use
    PlotTheme$PlotThemeoverall theme for the plot
    SkinStyleNonestyle to be applied to automatically included nearest skin subparts
    ViewPoint{0,-1.9,0}viewing position
  • Anatomy base themes include:
  • "Business"a bold, modern design
    "Detailed"identify size using labeled axes and grid lines
    "Marketing"elegant design suitable for marketing needs
    "Minimal"flat shading with minimal detail
    "Monochrome"single-color design
    "Scientific"individually colored parts identified by tooltip
    "Web"bright shading and color suitable for web
    "Classic"historical dark coloring
  • Anatomy feature themes include:
  • "Transparent"gray transparency
    {"Transparent",color}color transparency
    "Vintage"sepia toned illustrative design
    "XRay"gray transparency with bone emphasis
  • Anatomy color feature themes include individually colored parts identified by tooltip:
  • "BoldColor"12 bold colors
    "CoolColor"8 cool colors
    "DarkColor"8 dark colors
    "NeonColor"8 neon colors
    "PastelColor"8 pastel colors
    "RoyalColor"8 royal colors
    "VibrantColor"10 vibrant colors
    "WarmColor"8 warm colors


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Basic Examples  (5)

Display basic entities:

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Display complex entities:

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Coloring and styling of entities:

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Use a theme for stylized effects:

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Use entities in arbitrary graphics primitives:

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See Also

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Introduced in 2016
| Updated in 2017