is an option for three-dimensional graphics functions that specifies whether the final image should be scaled so that a sphere drawn around the threedimensional bounding box would fit in the display area specified.


  • SphericalRegion->False scales three-dimensional images to be as large as possible, given the display area specified.
  • SphericalRegion->True scales three-dimensional images so that a sphere drawn around the threedimensional bounding box always fits in the display area specified.
  • The center of the sphere is taken to be at the center of the bounding box. The radius of the sphere is chosen so that the bounding box just fits within the sphere.
  • With SphericalRegion->True, the image of a particular object remains consistent in size, regardless of the orientation of the object.
  • SphericalRegion->Sphere[center,radius] allows the user to specify a bounding sphere in user coordinates. radius specifies the radius in the direction. The and directions will be scaled automatically in the camera space to have a spherical view scope. A valid Sphere specification will cause the ViewAngle option to be ignored.
  • If center is specified as Automatic, the center will be taken to be the ViewCenter. Otherwise, the ViewCenter option will be overridden by center.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Size a 3D plot to be within the bounding box at any orientation:

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Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2019