is an option for Graphics3D and related functions which gives the scaled coordinates of the point which should appear at the center of the final image.


  • With the default setting ViewCenter->Automatic, the whole bounding box is centered in the final image.
  • ViewCenter->Automatic is equivalent to ViewCenter->{1/2,1/2,1/2}, which places the center of the three-dimensional bounding box at the center of the final image.
  • The setting for ViewCenter is given in scaled coordinates, which run from 0 to 1 across each dimension of the bounding box.
  • ViewCenter->{{x,y,z},{px,py}} makes the 3D point with scaled coordinates (x,y,z) appear at scaled coordinate position (px,py) in the final 2D image.
  • The default is ViewCenter->{{x,y,z},ImageScaled[{1,1}/2]}.
  • In a notebook front end, rotating a 3D object by dragging the mouse does not change the setting for ViewCenter. Panning changes the second element in the ViewCenter list.
  • Explicit settings for ViewVector override settings of the form ViewCenter->{x,y,z}.
  • Explicit settings for ViewMatrix always override settings for ViewCenter.


Basic Examples  (3)

Place the center of the objects at the center of the final image:

Place the top-right corner of the objects at the center of the final image:

Use the ViewCenter->{vc,vp} to specify that the 3D point vc is mapped to the 2D point vp:

Introduced in 1991
Updated in 2007