is an option for Graphics3D and related functions which specifies the position and direction of a simulated camera used to view three-dimensional objects.


  • With the default setting ViewVector->Automatic, the position and direction of the simulated camera is determined by the settings for ViewPoint and ViewCenter.
  • ViewVector->{x,y,z} specifies that the camera should be at the position with coordinates {x,y,z}, aimed in the direction specified by ViewCenter.
  • ViewVector->{{x,y,z},{tx,ty,tz}} specifies that the camera should be aimed in the direction of the point {tx,ty,tz}.
  • Scaled coordinates can be used.
  • How much the simulated camera sees is determined by settings for ViewAngle and ViewRange.
  • Explicit settings for ViewVector override settings for ViewPoint and settings for ViewCenter of the form ViewCenter->{x,y,z}.
  • Explicit settings for ViewMatrix override settings for ViewVector.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Specify the view vectors using ordinary coordinates:

Neat Examples  (1)

Camera path following a particular parametric curve:

Parametric plot of the camera path:

Introduced in 2007