is an option for three-dimensional graphics that specifies the projection to use for the graphic.


  • The following settings can be given for ViewProjection:
  • Automaticinfer the projection from the value of the ViewPoint option
    "Perspective"use a perspective projection
    "Orthographic"use an orthographic projection
  • Perspective projection results in a foreshortening effect where the more distant an object is from the viewer, the smaller it appears. Parallel lines that point into the screen will eventually converge if extended far enough.
  • Orthographic projection preserves the apparent sizes of objects regardless of the distance from the viewer. Parallel lines running into the screen never converge.
  • ViewProjection->Automatic defaults to the "Perspective" projection unless one of the ViewPoint parameters is infinite.
  • Orthographic projection corresponds to a perspective view infinitely far from the view center. This means that even if ViewProjection->"Perspective" is set, when the ViewPoint is significantly far from the ViewCenter, the final image will appear orthographic.


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Basic Examples  (1)

By default, 3D graphics use a perspective projection:

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Specify an orthographic projection instead:

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Introduced in 2017