is an option for graphics functions that specifies what region of the final display area a plot should fill.


  • PlotRegion->{{sxmin,sxmax},{symin,symax}} specifies the region in scaled coordinates that the plot should fill in the final display area.
  • The scaled coordinates run from 0 to 1 in each direction.
  • The default setting PlotRegion->{{0,1},{0,1}} specifies that the plot should fill the whole display area.
  • When the plot does not fill the whole display area, the remainder of the area is rendered according to the setting for the option Background.


Basic Examples  (3)

The contents of a graphic use the whole region:

Limit the contents of the graphic to the middle half of the region in each direction:

ImagePadding can also be used to add padding around a graphic:

Introduced in 1991