represents a unit string with no relationship to other units within a Quantity.



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Basic Examples  (2)

Represent an independent unit "Boxes" in a Quantity expression:

IndependentUnit specifications can be part of compound units:

Scope  (3)

Use IndependentUnit specifications with Quantity:

Use IndependentUnit specifications with QuantityArray:

Use IndependentUnit specifications with QuantityDistribution:

Applications  (1)

Specify an IndependentUnit expression and convert between unit systems:

Properties & Relations  (4)

KnownUnitQ returns True for valid IndependentUnit specifications:

It returns False for invalid IndependentUnit specifications:

An independent unit is only compatible with itself:

Known units are not compatible with IndependentUnit objects of the same name:

An independent unit can only be converted to itself and multiples or submultiples of itself:

Each IndependentUnit has unique UnitDimensions:

Possible Issues  (1)

Each IndependentUnit is unique and not compatible with other units:

Introduced in 2012