returns True if expr is a canonical unit, and False otherwise.



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Basic Examples  (1)

Test whether an input expression is a canonical unit:

Scope  (7)

Units represented by a single string:

Products of known units:

KnownUnitQ returns True for valid IndependentUnit specifications:

It returns False for invalid IndependentUnit specifications:

MixedUnit specifications of compatible units:

Incompatible units do not produce a valid MixedUnit specification:

DatedUnit specifications:

Prefixes are dimensionless known units:

Numeric expressions are not canonical units:

Properties & Relations  (2)

KnownUnitQ has attribute HoldAll:

A MixedUnit specification is valid if it contains compatible units:

Possible Issues  (1)

Quantity can interpret a non-canonical unit, converting it to its canonical form:

KnownUnitQ does not accept non-canonical units:

But it does accept their canonical form:

Introduced in 2012