represents the specified unit at a specific date.


  • DatedUnit allows you to associate a specific date directly with a specific unit, for use in functions like InflationAdjust.
  • unit specifications should be a single canonical unit string like "USDollars" or "Euros".
  • date can be specified as year, DateObject, or DateList.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Represent the value of 100 yen in 1990:

Account for inflation between 1800 and 1950:

Scope  (1)

DatedUnit specifications can be used in compound unit specifications:

Applications  (1)

Plot the rate of inflation over a period of time:

Possible Issues  (1)

Arithmetic with DatedUnit is only performed when the currency and time are identical:

Because the result can differ depending on the order of operation, DatedUnit expressions should have their date and currency standardized with InflationAdjust before arithmetic is performed:

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