returns True if quantity1 and quantity2 have compatible units, and False otherwise.



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Basic Examples  (3)

Test whether two Quantity objects are compatible:

Test whether two units are compatible:

Test compatibility of a sequence of quantities and units:

Scope  (6)

Test compatibility of Quantity objects:

Test compatibility of unit expressions:

Test compatibility of the elements of lists:

Test whether QuantityArray objects have compatible units:

Use MixedUnit specifications:

Use DatedUnit specifications:

Properties & Relations  (6)

CompatibleUnitQ returns True when its elements have the same UnitDimensions:

An IndependentUnit object is only compatible with itself:

Known units are not compatible with IndependentUnit objects of the same name:

Numeric expressions are treated as dimensionless quantities:

CompatibleUnitQ will automatically attempt to interpret an unknown unit string:

CompatibleUnitQ with one argument is similar to KnownUnitQ:

CompatibleUnitQ accepts numeric expressions:

CompatibleUnitQ attempts to interpret unknown unit strings:

If elements other than quantities and units are present, CompatibleUnitQ returns False:

Introduced in 2012