gives the amount of the specified quantity.


gives the value corresponding to quantity when converted to unit.



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Basic Examples  (3)

Give the magnitude value of a Quantity:

Get the value of 1 hour in various units:

Find the value of various quantities in kilograms:

Scope  (5)

Get the values from Quantity expressions in a time series:

QuantityMagnitude returns the dimensionless distribution of a QuantityDistribution:

QuantityMagnitude accepts SparseArray specifications:

QuantityMagnitude accepts structured arrays like QuantityArray and SymmetrizedArray objects:

QuantityMagnitude accepts Association objects:

Properties & Relations  (6)

QuantityMagnitude operates on lists of quantities:

QuantityMagnitude is distributed over both arguments:

QuantityMagnitude returns the MixedMagnitude specification of a mixed Quantity:

QuantityMagnitude will automatically attempt to interpret an unknown unit string:

When the target unit is specified as a Quantity object, its magnitude will be ignored:

In its two-argument form, the first argument of QuantityMagnitude can also be a unit string:

Introduced in 2012