gives the connected components of the graph g.


gives the connected components that include at least one of the vertices v1, v2, .


gives the connected components that include a vertex that matches the pattern patt.


uses rules vw to specify the graph g.

Details and Options

  • ConnectedGraphComponents returns a list of components {c1,c2,}, where each component ci is given as a graph.
  • For an undirected graph, the vertices u and v are in the same component if there is a path from u to v.
  • For a directed graph, the vertices u and v are in the same component if there is a directed path from u to v and from v to u.
  • For directed graphs, strongly connected components are computed.
  • For undirected graphs, the components are ordered by their length, with the largest component first.
  • For directed graphs, the components {c1,c2,} are given in an order such that there are no edges from ci to ci+1, ci+2, etc.
  • ConnectedGraphComponents works with undirected graphs, directed graphs, multigraphs, and mixed graphs.


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Give the connected components of a graph:

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Highlight connected components:

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Introduced in 2016