Document Formats

The Wolfram Language can generate many types of high-quality formatted documents directly from symbolic notebook expressions, with either automatic styling, or detailed control and templating. The Wolfram Language can also import formatted documents, either converting to symbolic notebook form, or "scraping" plain text or data.

"HTML" HTML format (.htm, .html), including embedded GIFs, CSS, etc.

"PDF" Adobe Acrobat PDF (.pdf)

"CDF" Wolfram Computable Document Format (.cdf)

"EPS" Encapsulated Postscript (.eps)

"RTF" Microsoft Rich Text Format (.rtf)

"TeX" format (.tex)

"LaTeX" LaTeX format (.latex)

"NB" Wolfram notebook format (.nb)

"Text" plain text (.txt)

Common Elements

"Plaintext" plain text extracted from documents

"Data" extracted data, e.g. from HTML tables