gives the {r,θ,ϕ} spherical coordinates corresponding to the Cartesian coordinates {x,y,z}.



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Basic Examples  (2)

Convert a general point:

A specific point:

Scope  (2)

Convert several points:

A matrix of points:

Properties & Relations  (4)

ToSphericalCoordinates[pt] is a special case of CoordinateTransform:

ToSphericalCoordinates inverts FromSphericalCoordinates:

ToSphericalCoordinates[{x,y,z}] uses spherical coordinates about the axis:

ToPolarCoordinates[{x,y,z}] uses spherical coordinates about the axis:

The spherical coordinates used by ToPolarCoordinates generalize to higher dimensions:

ToSphericalCoordinates changes the coordinate values of points:

TransformedField changes the coordinate expressions for fields:

Introduced in 2015