The Wolfram Language includes built-in functions for both symmetric (private-key) and asymmetric (public-key) cryptography.

Encrypt encrypt any expression with symmetric or asymmetric encryption

Decrypt decrypt an encrypted object or byte array

Representing of Encrypted Data

EncryptedObject symbolic representation of encrypted data and related metadata

ByteArray raw bytes of ciphertext etc.

File Encryption

EncryptFile, DecryptFile encrypt, decrypt files and cloud objects

Encryption System Specification

SymmetricKey key giving complete information for a symmetric encryption system

PublicKey public key for an asymmetric (public-key) encryption system

PrivateKey private key for an asymmetric (public-key) encryption system

Key Generation

GenerateSymmetricKey generate a key randomly or from a password

GenerateAsymmetricKeyPair generate random public and private keys

Cryptographic Number Theory »

PowerMod  ▪  FactorInteger  ▪  MultiplicativeOrder  ▪  EulerPhi  ▪  ...


DictionaryLookup  ▪  CharacterCounts  ▪  LetterNumber

Handling Ciphertext

ByteArrayToString  ▪  StringToByteArray  ▪  BaseEncode  ▪  BaseDecode