finds all words in an English dictionary that match the string pattern patt.


gives only the first n words found.


finds words in the language specified by lang.

Details and Options

  • No word stemming is done by default, so words like "jump", "jumps", and "jumping" appear separately.
  • By default, words appear as they would within a sentence. Setting the option IgnoreCase->True retrieves words whose letters appear in different cases.
  • DictionaryLookup[] gives a list of all words in the dictionary.
  • DictionaryLookup[All] gives a list of available dictionary languages.
  • DictionaryLookup[{"lang",All}] retrieves all words in the language dictionary lang.
  • DictionaryLookup[{All,patt}] retrieves all the languages containing words matching patt.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Look up all English words beginning with "abb":

Look up all Spanish words beginning with "c", ending with "n", and with an "ñ" in between:

Scope  (3)

Variants such as "jumps" and "jumping" appear separately:

DictionaryLookup supports in-string patterns:

The first 10 words beginning with "z":

Generalizations & Extensions  (3)

Give a list of available dictionary languages:

Look up words beginning with "molecu" in all available languages:

Look up all Dutch and Spanish words beginning with "molecula":

Find all languages containing a word:

Options  (1)

IgnoreCase  (1)

Specify a lookup to be case insensitive:

Applications  (5)

Find the number of words in the dictionary starting with each letter:

Find all palindromes in the dictionary:

Find all palindromes that are both English and French words:

Find how many words contain each of the possible permutations of "a", "b", and "c":

Find all 4-letter words formed from "a" through "e":

Create a nearest function from all words in the dictionary:

Look up words closest to a given word:

Go further:

Neat Examples  (4)

Find what words might be confused with genomic sequences:

Pick 10 random words beginning with "a" from the dictionary:

A random collection of words from different languages:

Plot the word length histograms for each language:

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